Client Success Stories

Here are some real life stories and results
that are waiting for you on your healing journey too….

I came to Donna in shock, feeling lost and traumatised after a lot of significant, challenging events in my life. My mental health was ‘wobbly’ – at best. I couldn’t stop crying.
Deep down, I wondered if all these bad things happened because of my negative traits in relationships, and at times, I felt like I’d ruined my life.
It was such a terrible feeling, I felt hopeless and couldn’t see a way forward.
After working with Donna, I have worked through and healed trauma. I am more balanced, clearer and much happier! My mental and emotional state has improved so much, I feel like my true self again!
I have so much more clarity in my life, I feel confident and supported. Now, I have a very clear direction which has given me more hope and strength. I feel positive and optimistic about my life, my future seems bright again!

– Rhiannon*

*Name and photo changed for privacy

I received a message from my abusive ex on the weekend who I’d cut off all communication with 6 months ago. When his name popped up, my face went instantly hot and I was like ‘oooooh crap’.
At first, I got stuck in my head and went into overthinking mode…. Then I went into the beautiful Donna Radio (Soul Radiance Healing Library) and did the clear fear and download safety module and felt centred and full of light before reading the message. The power over/power under module I’d already done helped so much too!
I really sank into my heart and felt into my new healthy boundaries. I was able to respond genuinely from my heart and didn’t get dragged back into the drama again.

– anon*

*Name withheld and photo changed for privacy

I have been blessed to have Donna’s love, support and guidance through challenges and celebrations and everything in between.
Lots of tears and laughs, transformations, a-ha moments, meeting my spirit team, all of it!
What I love most is that Donna has walked the walk, and definitely talks the talk, plus she’s incredibly intuitive and connected to Spirit.
Everything she brings to our healing work is something she’s used herself and knows the value of.

– Melanie

Choosing to work with Donna over the years, has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.
Donna’s ability to hold a truly safe space allowed me to become the best version of me, to open my heart, explore all hidden aspects of self, tap into my soul work and what I am here in this lifetime to do.
I’m a lighter, more connected person and…
I’ve manifested the most amazing 30 acre property for our family to live and work in!

– kerry

Deep down within me, I knew that this was the lifetime that I wanted to really step into my true self and to be brave enough to be unashamedly myself.
I have healed some really big stuff which has been a game changer. That sense of peace and centeredness is priceless.
Donna has the most beautiful gift of turning every interaction into something that you always walk away with a bunch of wisdom and practical steps to implement into your life. You feel totally held, heard, encouraged and loved throughout the entire process.
This is one of the best investments I have made for myself. If you’re reading this I have no doubt this experience is meant to be for you too. Now is your time xx.

– Renee

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I am deeply grateful to live, work and play on the traditional lands of the Boon Wurrung / Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation, the oldest living culture known to the world. I honour the wisdom, diversity and innovation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their elders past, present and emerging.