Hi, I’m Donna!

I’ve been given a clear mission from Spirit:
To help you turn up your ‘dimmer switch’, ignite your radiant light and help you live a life guided by your Intuition.

Boom! You light up 🌟

Boom! And just like that you light up. Sonic booms of light, resounding and resonating from within you. Your dimmer switch has turned all the way up to full brightness.

Contained within you is the most glorious, unique,  gorgeous Soul that emits coloured beams of radiant light.

Uninhibited, radiant, fully self expressed… your light is phenomenal. 

Along with an experience of lightness and relief, you find a sense of ‘home‘.

You feel more like yourself than you ever have.



Energy + Emotional Healing

Discover work that truly works.

I’ve spent over 25 years refining my healing art, so I can serve you – effectively.  My motto is work that works!

I offer a healing program that is customised to meet you where you’re at, with tools that provide in-depth healing that get to the heart of the matter. 

We clear the way for you to grow in a new way, being led by your Soul, while experiencing joy. It’s time to create your dream life! 🌟

Ethically sourced, coloured gemstone jewellery that energetically activates you.

Custom made for your Soul.

Heirloom jewellery, hand-made to last life times. 

Welcome to a new paradigm of jewellery.

If you’re anything like me

Right from the time I was little, I always wanted more… There was something inside of me that knew that things could get better…

Still to this day, I believe that life can – and should – get better and better. 

I was an empath from a young age, constantly tuning in to those around me.  As a teenager I taught myself how to see auras. I’ve grown babies and businesses, followed my Soul, moved our family to the ocean and learnt a few things along the way.

Podcast interviews

Want in on the juiciest, goosebump-invoking, heart-opening, soulful chats?

I’ve been interviewed on podcasts all around the world, sharing my story with gut-wrenching honesty, some Donna-isms, and lots of laughter sprinkled with wisdom along the way.

5 min Life-Changing Morning Meditation! 

Honestly? This will change your life!
Play this before you get out of bed, fill up with light and let this morning meditation work its magic 🤍


I am deeply grateful to live, work and play on the traditional lands of the Boon Wurrung / Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation, the oldest living culture known to the world. I honour the wisdom, diversity and innovation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their elders past, present and emerging.