A deep dive healing course to unleash the light of your Soul and have you feel happy, loved up, lit up and free!

Awaken your Soul now!

You are a radiant being of light


The truth is… you are ALREADY a radiant, being of light.

If you don’t feel like that, it’s because there are some things sitting in the way.

Want the good news? Together, we will get rid of all that shit so you can return to your natural, radiant self!

Our natural state of being is having clarity, peace of mind, an open loving heart, joy that radiates like sunshine from inside of us, a soft relaxed belly, our intuition switched on and fully expressing our unique, soulful selves!

 Enough said?!

Special limited time offer:


Soul Radiance is a brand new course… but I suspect it’s also going to be my most powerful, most effective deep dive healing course yet! 

You see, I’ve found a way to deliver 4 years worth of 1:1 healing work into 12 months… 


I’m offering a beta version of Soul Radiance so I can confirm that it gets clients the kind of supercharged results, my spirit team tell me it will. The beta version is a reduced $ price so I can get feedback about it’s effectiveness, and fine tune it if need be. I’m only offering this to a limited number of people!! 

Interested? Quick, book a call with me now and tell me you’re on the beta version of Soul Radiance.

You know you’re ready when…



crossroad in your life

YOU’ve tried it all

but youR LIFE ISN’T fixeD yet

it feels like

you have a glass ceiling

YOU are

stuck in old patterns

you can feel there’s

something more

Soul Radiance


Your Soul wants to be radiant and bright!

It wants to help navigate you onto the brightest path,

that feels like warm golden light

and have you experience the most beautiful things.

It wants you to know the truth and magnificence of yourself,

and have your life be an expression of that.

Your Soul is tapping you on the shoulder, 

saying “It’s time to doing some healing”

There’s a persistent voice inside you, that tells you ‘things can get better’.

You know that life is meant to feel better than what it does.

And you’re right.

Things can get better, and you can feel much better!

Your Soul is an in-built navigation system that can steer you into the most wonderful places (in your life and within yourself), it wants you to become the unique, gorgeous person that you are.

Your Soul wants you to be free from past traumas, free from heavy emotions and being weighed down. 

Your Soul wants you to feel light, strong, happy and free to be you!

Soul says, Yes?!

Here’s how we roll…

Step 1.


In our call together, we will create a personalised Game Plan (yes, just for you) that includes:

> your ‘healing hit-list’;
> what your Soul wants for you; and
> a plan to get you there.

Your personalised Game Plan is the beginning of you getting achievable, life-changing results.

This is a powerful first step that opens the doors to new experiences in your life. You’ve started… and hot damn that feels good!

Book your call here.

Step 2.


During your program, I’ll prescribe particular energy healing tools that will enable you to get incredible results.

We’ll save the deep dive healing for our 1:1 sessions together. I’ll guide you every step of the way. 

You’ll also have ‘Donna Radio’ which is a library of energy healings and resources to do a tonne of healing in your own time. This is great because you can fit it around your busy schedule!

I help you clear all the dynamics, patterns and things that have been weighing you down and holding you back.

We open the floodgates for you to receive life force energy, love, vitality and much more…

Step 3. 


Your Soul is naturally radiant.

YOU are naturally radiant.

As we do the healing work, you’ll feel what I mean.

You will be filled with more and more light. As time goes by, you become lighter and brighter! 

I will teach you how to activate your Soul’s Radiance! 

YOUR INTUITION OPENS UP as you do this healing work. Your intuitive skills become finely honed as we work together, helping you navigate life more easily.

A new level of comfort, support,  reassurance and energy flows into you. 

Step 4. 


When the obstacles are removed and you’re clear about what experiences your Soul wants for you, you can build on the amazing foundations you already have. Don’t get me wrong – this part takes courage!

You absolutely can do it!

If creating the most magical, blissful, joyful, love-filled life is on your bucket list…  

Let me show you how!  

Your Soul wants something really beautiful for you. It’s waiting for you… 

╰┈➤ The kinds of results you can expect…

(That are achievable and my clients regularly receive) 

From feeling blocked To a beautiful flow of emotions
From being teary all the time To feeling happier again
From not feeling like yourself anymore ➺ To feeling free and like ‘you’ again
From feeling unlovable or not feeling loved ➺ To feeling more love than I could’ve ever imagined (an overflow of love)
From overwhelming grief ➺ To being able to be with it, and allow it to open your heart
From heartbreak of losing someone close who has passed away ➺ To feeling their presence and love again
From strained relationships ➺ To healthy dynamics, both of you free to be yourselves, with plenty of love present
From people pleasing your whole life ➺ To healing that need of validation from others (and finding a more satisfying way to fulfil that)
From trying to break generational curses and unhealthy family patterns ➺ To healing those curses and patterns
From wanting to escape your family, keep them at a distance or get away from the unhealthy things ➺ To receiving energetic support of your family, so you can receive all the good things they have to offer you
From feeling like the black sheep of the family ➺ To being the catalyst of healing in your family, stopping intergenerational trauma
From feeling alone, having to be strong, independent and do it all by yourself ➺ To ‘belonging’ and getting the support you need to create the life you want
From having people around you but not feeling the love ➺ To being able to absorb all the goodness already around you
From feeling heavy and weighed down ➺ To releasing the burdens and feeling lighter – much lighter
From feeling like there’s never enough ➺ To experiencing ‘more than enough’ (hello to more overflow!)
From feeling like you can’t break the glass ceiling ➺ To I feel like I have everything I need to create the life I want
From hating what my thighs look like in the mirror ➺ To understanding the  true gift of my body
From not believing in myself ➺ To absolutely knowing
From being unsure of yourself  ➺ To your self esteem growing strong!
From questioning your intuition ➺ To ‘knowing’ that it’s spot on and trusting it

And of course, your healing plan is customised to YOU!
You’ll have your own list of results from our work together.

I came to Donna in shock, feeling lost and traumatised after a lot of significant, challenging events in my life. My mental health was ‘wobbly’ – at best. I couldn’t stop crying.
Deep down, I wondered if all these bad things happened because of my negative traits in relationships, and at times, I felt like I’d ruined my life.
It was such a terrible feeling, I felt hopeless and couldn’t see a way forward.
After working with Donna, I have worked through and healed trauma. I am more balanced, clearer and much happier! My mental and emotional state has improved so much, I feel like my true self again!
I have so much more clarity in my life, I feel confident and supported. Now, I have a very clear direction which has given me more hope and strength. I feel positive and optimistic about my life, my future seems bright again!

– Rhiannon*

*Name and photo changed for privacy

The What / Where / How!


You receive: 

A customised healing plan aka ‘Game Plan
1:1 deep dive healing sessions with Donna
via Zoom or in-person in the tipi
Access to Donna’s Soul Radiance healing library
aka ‘Donna Radio’ so you can do as much healing as your soul desires! (More about this below)
Live group healing calls 
where you’ll get personalised healing and all your questions answered

Sneak a peek:  Donna’s Soul Radiance healing library

Oh my… I can’t even begin to tell you how much goodness is in this library!

This is my soul work over the last 25+ years of healing experience, in its most effective format, loaded in here for you to receive on a silver platter!

It is a buffet of healing goodness, and the types of things on offer are: 

❤ Family Constellation Therapy Course that gets to the heart of healing (this itself could take you up to 6 months to complete because that’s how comprehensive it is. 
❤ A series of daily energy clearing tools so that you are always connected to the light
❤ Emotional + heart healing tools to support those emotional wobbles + enhance the quality of your life
❤ Grief healing and connecting with loved ones who have passed away
❤ How to activate your Soul’s Radiance and switch on your light!
❤ My brand new Body Love healing module that is honestly, one of the best things I’ve created
❤ How to develop loving relationships with healthy boundaries
❤ Learn how to listen to your intuition and always know what the best next step to take in life
❤ And soooo much more… 

Some of my clients use this as ‘Donna radio’ where they can access healing with me at any time; night or day. 

It’s a truly beautiful thing to get healing, exactly when you need it. 


How long does the Soul Radiance course go for?
The course takes 6 months to complete. You may choose to do multiple rounds of the course.
How much does the Soul Radiance course cost?
Payment plans start from $600/month AUD. If you’d like to speak to me about another alternative, I am open to that.
When does the Soul Radiance course begin?
You can begin the course at any time. We can get you started as soon as you’re ready!
How do I know if this Soul Radiance course will work for me?
Most people wonder at the beginning if this will work for them. The healing tools and techniques I’ve used have worked in thousands of healing sessions I’ve done, so I’ve seen the incredible results first hand. You may want to have a read of some of the testimonials below.
I think the personal development industry can get a bad reputation when you try modalities that may make you feel better temporarily but don’t actually fix the problem you want to resolve. Healing, like peeling back the onions when the same issue keeps coming up, is one of my pet peeves. I’m only interested in healing work that actually works. 
I'm scared to 'go there'. What if I can't deal with what's inside of me?
Firstly, I’ll be there with you every step of the way.
Secondly, if you have experienced trauma and you’re worried that you will have to re-live it to resolve it, that is not how I work. I have found effective healing techniques that allows you to heal trauma, resolving the impact of it, without having to re-live it.
Thirdly, if what you’re worried about is whether you can deal with the emotions that have been stuffed down inside of you… something along the lines of opening up pandora’s box, again, there’s way to clear these emotions without having to feel the depth of them all.
I know it takes courage to do healing work. Most people feel nervous at the start, it’s normal. I’ll be here for you every step of the way.
This is a big reason why I love the live group calls because it means that we can have calls together more often and I can give you more support you need if anything arises for you 🫶 
Is this a course for me if I am new to healing/self development work?
Most of my clients have already done quite a bit of healing or self development. Often having tried different modalities and never really getting the results they want – and want I mean by that, is never actually fixing the issues they want resolved. Frustrating as hell. I know, I’ve been there.
People come to me when they’re ready to actually resolve their issues.
If you are new to healing work, the course might still be a good fit for you. You need to be ready and willing to invest time and money, and take responsibility for your own healing journey.
How do I know if I am a good fit for Soul Radiance?
My clients are open, heart-centred, authentic, spiritual people who love to learn and grow. They are ambitious and have a vision for their life (even if it feels out of reach).  My clients are emotional, sensitive, energetic people who truly ‘feel’ – and this is one of their gifts (even if it doesn’t feel like a gift at times). Playing in the space of intuition feels like home, and they either already know that they are intuitive, or they would like to develop this more.
All the beautiful people that come to work with me, know the value of healing work, understand how it helps them improve the quality of their lives and are ready to invest time and money into it.
I have a wide range of people come to me from all over the world. Often their pets make an appearance in our sessions too, they love to absorb some of the healing magic ✨ 
How long do I get access to the Soul Radiance library aka Donna's radio?
You get access to the Soul Radiance library of healing tools for the duration of your course. ✨ 
Can I participate if I'm on the other side of the world from you, Donna?
Yes, I have many clients from all around the world! All of our calls are held via Zoom.
Our calls will be scheduled to suit your time zone, and it you can’t attend a live group call you will receive the recording soon after.  You are welcome to email me your questions beforehand so I can answer them. 
Can I come to the tipi if I'm in Melbourne?
My clients love coming to my tipi for their 1:1 sessions. It is a truly special and sacred space. Please contact me if you would like to arrange to have your 1:1 session in the tipi with me. I am based on the Mornington Peninsula which is 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne. Attending the tipi is subject to weather conditions.
All of our group live calls are held via Zoom only.  
How long do the 1:1 sessions go for and what will we do in them?
The 1:1 sessions with me go for 60 minutes.
We use these sessions for deep, complex healing or where you would prefer to have privacy exploring particular topics that are on your game plan. 

This is my personal invitation to you…

from my heart to yours…

Join me and my beautiful, soulful community to heal deeply and ignite your Soul’s Radiance!

I’m so excited to give you my most powerful and effective healing tools that I’ve discovered over my 25+ years of being an energy healer. I’ve used these in thousands of client sessions and seen phenomenal results – time and time again.

And I can’t wait to share them with you!

Book a call with me now.

Talk soon
– Donna x


I am deeply grateful to live, work and play on the traditional lands of the Boon Wurrung / Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation, the oldest living culture known to the world. I honour the wisdom, diversity and innovation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their elders past, present and emerging.